Career and Vocational / Technical Education



Prepared by the Department of Career and Vocational/Technical Education.

Warren Rathbun, Supervisor

APRIL 1987

A letter from Matthew Prophet to the Members of the Board of Education, proposing the proposed plan and budget of the Career and Vocational/Technical Education program in April of 1987.

“This attached five-year plan and financial estimates represent out beat thinking on ways to strengthen career and vocational/technical education offerings that will better prepare Portland students for work in the 21st century.

The plan itself have developed as an “Ideal” package. We as a staff, however, recognize that funds are not currently available to implement this plan in its “total” or “ideal” form. Federal and or State increased emphasis on vocational/technical career thrusts may later afford us the opportunity to apply for funds which could conceivably become available; such as the current increased funding targeted at school dropout prevention though the Governor’s Retention Initiative. It is also conceivable that the future financial state of the local school district may change favorably to permit an increase in resources that could be applied to this very important endeavor.

This plan has been organized into a five-year time frame 1987-88 through 1991-92. In recognition of fiscal restrictions the time frame could be modified to accommodate an extension as additional resources become available.

My recommendation for inclusion in the 1987-88 school budget is one million dollars to be appropriate by the Board of Education to continue the process of program development and implementation.

To the extent that funds are available we stand ready to implement appropriate components based on the continuing advice of the Board’s Curriculum and Building Use Committees, community leaders, building staff and administrators, post-secondary educators – and the many employers who will eventually depend on the skills, knowledge, and attitudes our graduates should demonstrate.

I sincerely believe that decisions described in this plan will give Portland graduates the competitive edge they need to take their place as responsible adults. Am enlightened and skilled work force is essential, I believe, if America is to remain the keystone of a global economy.”

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